wall street is financing

climate destruction

Banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and institutional investors
are funding, insuring and investing in the climate crisis.

Join us for a major day of action on April 23, 2020
so we can stop this money pipeline and
end the financing of fossil fuels.


chase fossil
We have the power

Use your Wallet
and your Voice

Did you know that Chase Bank has financed fossil fuels with $196 billion since 2016?

This is still just a small part of the finance industry’s business: they could stop tomorrow.

That's why on Thursday, April 23, we need your help to organize actions at as many Chase Bank branches as possible to send them a clear message: stop the money pipeline.


our top targets


JPMorgan Chase is the world’s top banker of fossil fuels; the bank has provided $196 billion in financing to fossil fuel companies since 2016.


BlackRock is the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels and deforestation-linked commodities, and manages nearly $7 trillion in assets worldwide.


Liberty Mutual is a top insurer of and investor in massive fossil fuel projects, like the Trans Mountain pipeline.


We demand that banks, asset managers, insurance companies and institutional investors
stop funding, insuring and investing in climate destruction.




Nationwide Day of Action to Protest the Financing of Climate Destruction

Organizers are expecting hundreds of events to take place on April 23rd targeting the financial institutions who are doing the most to wreck the climate.

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Announcing the April 23 Stop the Money Pipeline Day of Action

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and youth are planning 3-days of Climate Strikes to celebrate. Day 2 is Stop the Money Pipeline Day -- your chance to end the financing of fossil fuels.

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Jane Fonda Has A Message for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

This video isn't for you. It's for the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon. But Jane Fonda needs your help to get it to him.

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Want to Do Something About Climate Change? Follow the Money

Rev. Lennox Yearwood and Bill McKibben write about the Stop the Money Pipeline campaign in the New York Times.

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Is BlackRock Announcement "Beginning of the End for Fossil-fuel System?"

BlackRock just responded to activist pressure and announced they're backing out of coal and climate will inform all their investments. It's a seismic shift, but more changes are needed.

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New Yorker

Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming Burns

Bill McKibben's explosive article in the New Yorker reveals how the finance industry is fueling the climate crisis--and how we can stop them.

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Goldman to stop funding Arctic drilling. Will other banks join them?

If banks destroy our homeland, they’ll have the Gwich’in Nation, and the millions of Americans who stand with us, to answer to.

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Why Big Banks Are Accused Of Funding The Climate Crisis

To save the world, we must follow the money, climate campaigners say.

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